Home Decor 2020: Embrace Livable Elegance for a New Decade

A beautiful home environment offers a calming retreat from the stressful world outside. 

Amidst so many changes in how we live and work, people are seeking out inviting spaces that look lived in, not like a museum.

This year’s best home decor ideas combine the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. If you’re ready to get inspired, here are just a few of our favorite design trends of 2020!

A Nod to Nostalgia

As we enter a new decade, designers are noticing renewed interest in traditional home furnishings reminiscent of simpler times. 

Classic shapes, traditional brown woods, layered textures and old-fashioned prints lend a welcoming energy to almost any space. Excellent choices include upholstered chairs with shapely arms and cozy sectionals with graceful curves.

Mix and Match

Looking for the perfect new pieces to match a pair of heirloom lamps? We can help!

This year’s best designs are all about combining the best of old and new. Drawing ideas from different styles lets you create a more personalized look that’s all your own. Think mid-century modern meets farmhouse. Scandinavian with a touch of industrial. So go ahead and pair that traditional sofa with a contemporary coffee table

Touchable Textures

Naturalistic materials exude a unique richness that gives your home a relaxed ambience.

Add visual interest by combining complementary finishes and fabrics. Leather chairs convey laid-back sophistication, while velvet sofas bring charming comfort to your space. Or pair a high-gloss finish with a rustic texture. 

Color Me Comfortable

Need to liven up a room full of neutrals? Simply add new pieces in appealing colors to update your space. 

Bold hues like navy, green or red inject an energetic vibe into living and dining areas, while floral patterns create a positive mood. 

Warmer, earth tones lend a more naturalistic feel to your space. Pair wood furnishings with plum, coral or gold. 

Calming shades such as soft blush, pale green and lavender set the right tone for unwinding in the bedroom or seating area. 


At Lifestyles Furniture, we offer beautifully crafted furnishings customized to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. Contact us today for a personalized design consultation!

Jerome Rackers

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