Mix Traditional & Modern Furniture for a Style That’s All Yours!

Forward-looking style with a hint of nostalgia.

That’s the perfect way to describe this year’s best home furnishings.

Design experts recommend a timeless, layered design that embraces the fresh looks of today. Above all, you want a collection of quality furniture and decor items that reflect your personality and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. 

At Lifestyles Furniture, we make it easy to mix, match and customize your furniture for a one-of-a-kind style that’s all your own. Here’s a few tips for seamlessly blending modern and traditional furniture to update your home.

1: Make a Personal Statement

Above all, have some fun!

More and more, designers note that so-called decorating “rules” are simply good guidelines for transforming your own dream decor into a reality.

Start by choosing a favorite “statement” piece for each room. This might mean a dramatic sofa for the living room, an eclectic chair in the den or an creative coffee table as a conversation-starter. 

Once you’ve got your showstopper, fill out your space with a collection of complementary pieces from different eras. Choose appealing colors, interesting textures and sentimental decorative items to complete your look.

2: Celebrate History

Use your decor to evoke the periods or decades that speak to you most. 

Traditional furniture gives your home a sense of history and permanence. Contemporary pieces, meanwhile, can instantly bring a tired retro item into the present.

If you’ve got personal photographs or memorabilia from your childhood, display them alongside colors and patterns that harken back to those simpler times. Energize your walls with modern art to update the look and feel of a traditional sofa, dining table or bedroom set

3: Know Your Style Basics

One big advantage of mixing modern and traditional furniture is that they add their own unique flair to your space.

Contemporary design is well-known for its calming simplicity and clean lines. Traditional pieces often come with intricate details and colorful patterns. Put them together and you’ve got just the right balance of past and present.

  • Got a sleek, mid-century modern table? Pair it with a curved sofa.
  • Perk up an old-fashioned dining table with a set of contemporary chairs and a minimalist rug.
  • Customize your look with upholstery in a range of patterns, from graceful florals to cutting-edge geometric shapes.

4: Incorporate Structural Elements

Another good strategy for buying furniture is to complement your home’s existing features. Consider the look and feel of your windows, flooring, fireplaces, crown molding and built-in shelves or cabinets. 

If your living room already has a traditional layout, fill out the space with a contemporary sectional. If you have a modern home with an open floor plan, a few traditional items will give your space a cozy, inviting ambiance. 

5: Choose Fun Color Combos

Color doesn’t just impact the look of your furniture. It also sets the mood for your entire space. 

  • Go with refreshing greens for a cool, outdoorsy feel.
  • Choose light pastels to inject a sense of fun into an otherwise bland space.
  • Rustic reds and other warm tones create a cozy, nostalgic vibe.

Begin your color scheme with an appealing neutral such as white, gray or beige. That gives you a base for mixing and matching additional patterns and textures. Look for an appealing contrast, such as calming blues with energetic oranges, when combining different shades. 

Find Quality, Customizable Furniture

You can find a wide assortment of well-crafted furnishings in a range of popular styles at Lifestyles Furniture. From fresh and modern to time-tested classics, almost every item in our store can be customized to fit your personal taste.

We invite you to drop in and let our friendly experts help you select the best options for creating the decor you’ve been dreaming about. 

Give us a call at 573-874-1550 or contact us online if you need more information.

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