Happy Spring! Energize Your Home with Light & Airy Furniture & Decor

Who doesn’t rejoice at the first sign of spring?

With the days getting longer and flowers in bloom, spring evokes a renewed sense of optimism and fresh possibilities.

It’s also a great time for beautiful new furnishings and decor to liven up your home.

From the living room to the bedroom, there’s no shortage of ways to breathe new life into any space that could use a little TLC after a long, cold winter. Look for durable, lightweight materials, bright pastels and pretty botanical patterns. You can also switch out seasonal vases, throw pillows and even coffee table books for a light and airy feel.

With that in mind, let’s go over some of our favorite new decorating ideas to get you into the spirit of spring!

#1: Flowers & Plants

Fresh flowers and soothing sprigs of green can instantly lift the mood of any room in the house. It’s also an easy way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. 

A bouquet of tulips and other spring flowers make a perfect centerpiece for your new dining table or living room coffee table. And who says greenery is just for Christmas? Perk up your mantel or bookshelves with a fresh garland made of seasonal leaves and blossoms in cheerful pink or sunny yellow. 

#2: Wall Decor

Vibrant colors and soothing pastels reflect more light and make any room feel bigger.

Popular paint colors include soft pinks, watery blues and minty greens. And if you’re looking for an easy DIY update, put up a self-adhesive wallpaper in an elegant botanical pattern. 

Another simple decorating trick? Switch out your wall art! For spring, look for prints featuring bright colors, flower gardens or citrus fruits like oranges or lemons. Choose a light wooden or metal frame to keep the seasonal vibe going. 

#3: Entryways

Welcome visitors with a bright, springtime decor for your entryway. Planters on either side of your front door are the perfect place to show off lilies, lavender and other seasonal plants. Topiary trees in just the right size will also give you an elegant, naturalistic feel. 

Dress up your foyer accent table with fresh plants and seasonal decor. Spring is also a great time to update your mudroom with attractive storage bins to hold dirty clothes after spending more time outside. 

#4: Living Areas

Purchasing a gorgeous new sofa or set of accent chairs is the perfect opportunity to rearrange your existing furniture for a whole new look. Choose a layout that makes the room feel more open and inviting. 

Here are a few more helpful hints for living rooms and other spaces within the home: 

  • Customize your new furnishings with quality upholstery in bright, vibrant colors. 
  • Look for throw pillows and blankets in complementary shades. New curtains and rugs in matching colors are another great option. 
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere with organic materials for tables, chairs, barstools and other items. Great options include light woods, wicker and rattan. 
  • Brighten up “dark zones” with new lighting. Create a layered look with a blend of floor lamps for ambient light and table lamps for reading and working. Metallic lampstands are an excellent way to add even more brightness. 

#5: Kitchens & Dining Rooms

A festive table is a must for Easter, Mother’s Day and other springtime celebrations.

Dress up your dining room with seasonal flowers, colorful placemats and graceful table runners with soft edges. Choose elegant candlesticks in happy colors like soft yellow, pale green or light pink. 

Bring spring fever to your kitchen with colorful glassware for your favorite beverages. Swap out your kitchen towels with floral designs and lighter colors. You can also blend form with function by choosing light-colored jars, canisters and other pretty containers to store items in your pantry. 

#6: Bed & Bathrooms

Create a springtime oasis in your bedroom by outfitting your new bed in lightweight sheets in a cool, breathable fabric. Make grandma proud with cheerful colors and florals for your comforter, shams and bed skirt. Fresh, botanical wallpaper is perfect for transforming your bedroom into an enchanting indoor garden. 

And don’t forget about your bathrooms! Pretty, springtime bath towels let you instantly perk up your master bath, guest bathrooms and powder room. 

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