Before You Visit


Take Measurements

The best thing you can do to prepare for visiting our showroom is to take measurements of your space or any current furniture you have. Due to the size and openness of our showroom, it may be difficult to visualize the size of an item in your own space.

We recommend measuring the height, length and width of your room, as well as other furniture pieces and the hallways and doorways.

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Bring Samples or Swatches

Nearly everything we carry in our store is customizable in terms of materials, finishes, colors and textures. When choosing a piece to fit into an existing space, it’s helpful to bring samples or swatches of the items you already own. If you don’t have physical swatches to bring with you, we recommend taking photos of your items in natural light. Make sure to get detail shots to pick up the texture of different upholstered items.


Snap Photos of Rooms

It can be hard to remember the exact layout of a room when you’re trying to describe it to someone else. Having photos helps remind you of the current configuration and layout of different spaces. It also helps your salesperson recommend items because they’re able to see your space.


Have An Open Mind

The best shopping experience is achieved when you approach the task with an open mind. Ordering custom furniture can seem daunting. Instead of focusing on recreating a piece of furniture, it’s a chance to create something unique to you and your space. When it actually comes down to it, you might fall in love with something completely different than you came for!