Relax & Unwind with Cozy Bedroom Sets & Decor

Think of your bedroom as your own personal hideaway.

From quality furniture to stylish decor, the perfect bedroom design transforms an otherwise dull space into a tranquil sanctuary of rest and relaxation after a long, exhausting day.

Coordinated bedroom sets, punctuated by soft bedding and other essentials, range from sleek and simple to plush and textured. Your goal is to create a calming space that reflects your lifestyle and your personality. 

Let’s go over the key ingredients for pulling together the bedroom of your dreams. 

Start with a Comfy Bed

If the sofa is the focal point of your living room, your bed is the star of the bedroom.

A comfortable bed, paired with a quality mattress, is the foundation of your bedroom decor. Depending on your lifestyle and the size of your space, a king, queen or full bed is a good choice for a master suite or guest room. Twin or bunk beds are also popular for guest rooms, as well as for kids’ bedrooms. For small rooms, a daybed offers a cozy sleeping experience and frees up extra floor space. 


You can find quality bed frames and headboards made from a range of materials, from carved wood to sleek metal. Upholstered headboards can be customized to match other design elements, such as bedding, walls, curtains and floors. You can also choose a headboard with built-in shelves for extra storage or for displaying personal mementoes.


Soft, layered bedding ensures a good night’s sleep and sets the tone for your decor. Choose complementary patterns for your bedspread and wallpaper to coordinate the look and feel of your space. Be sure to include a mix of cushy throw blankets and pillows for an even more inviting, luxurious feel. 

  • Botanical prints give your bedroom a garden-like atmosphere.
  • Soft grays and whites have a clean, calming look.
  • Rust and burnt oranges offer a hint of nostalgia. 
  • Dark browns or purples look fantastic in a rustic bedroom.
  • Shades of blue set a restful, outdoorsy mood.

Add in Stylish Bedroom Furniture

A coordinated bedroom set, with a matching bed, nightstand and dresser, gives your space a more cohesive look. 

  • Go for quality woods in a finish that complements your other design elements. Wood accents bring a soothing, naturalistic feel to your bedroom.
  • If your bedroom is blessed with a large window, an elegant vanity table or bench in front of it makes the perfect touch.
  • Dark woods create a pleasing contrast if you have white, gray or beige walls. 
  • Want your bedroom to remind you of Grandma’s house? Choose vintage-style furniture for a sense of history and nostalgia. 
  • If you enjoy reading before turning out the lights, a bedroom bookshelf is a great way to display your favorite titles. 

Relax with a Cozy Seating Area

Bedroom seating offers a place to catch your breath when it’s not quite time to go to sleep. From reading and studying to getting dressed, seating has many functional benefits as well.

  • A small sofa or bench along the foot of the bed is great for reading or putting on shoes.
  • Place a cushy armchair with matching footstool in the corner to stretch out while reading.
  • A cozy rocking chair is another favorite that gives your bedroom a vintage feel.

Coordinate Other Decor Elements

When shopping for bedroom furniture, look for quality pieces that also match the rest of your space.


The bedroom is a wonderful place for soothing paint colors and creative wallpapers. From light and airy to dark and moody, it’s easy to find shades that complement your furniture and your personality. 

Deep greens and warm browns transform your bedroom into a secret forest getaway. Or go with a soft beige or pastels for a gentle, breezy feel. Floral wallpaper pairs well with traditional furniture. Other popular choices include intricate patterns, bold geometric shapes or even palm trees for the tropical-themed bedroom. 

Finally, no bedroom is complete without your favorite photos and artwork. Choose pieces that reflect your personal history and creative taste. Anchor the bed with an eyecatching painting above the headboard. Or hang a stylish print or photo above the vanity or chest-of-drawers for a cozy, lived-in vibe. 

Window Treatments   

Bedroom curtains should block out unwanted light and offer a little extra privacy. Quality materials will also help reduce drafts, keep the room quiet and soften the look of your space. Floor-to-ceiling drapes add sophistication for a grand, luxurious feel. Go with neutral colors to give your space a clean, contemporary feel. Or look for deeper shades if you want your bedroom to be extra dark for sleeping. 

Soft Rugs & Carpeting   

Layered rugs soften up the feel of your bedroom and offer warmth and comfort for bare feet. If your bedroom has a wood floor, place a cushy rug by the bed. Choose a color that complements the wood finish, or go with a creative pattern for an extra boost of style for your space. 


Warm ambient lighting creates a soothing atmosphere that encourages a restful sleep. Choose a lamp with a dimmer switch so you can brighten up for reading and turn things down for a more relaxed mood. A pendant light or chandelier above the bed adds a glamourous feel to the room, while a pair of sconces on either side create enchanting elegance. 

Find Quality Bedroom Sets for Your Home!

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