Ready, Set, Get Inspired with 2019’s Best Home Decor Ideas

If you’re ready for a break from the wintertime doldrums, why not liven things up indoors?

A fresh take on your home’s interior design is the perfect way to perk up your favorite spaces while frigid temps reign supreme outside.

At Lifestyles Furniture, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite home decorating ideas of 2019 for a little friendly inspiration.


Great home decor starts with the most important expert of all — you!

As one expert puts it, this year’s trends reflect a movement toward individuality, so your own voice is the magic ingredient for pulling together designs that reflect your lifestyle and the people and things you care about.

  • Have some fun with lighthearted, whimsical pieces that express joy and happiness.
  • Want to go glam? Add a few Art deco tables, chairs, lights and rugs.
  • You can up your drama quotient by drawing from the bold primary colors and graphic shapes highlighted by the Memphis design movement.
  • If a laid-back vibe is more your speed, put your own spin on Boho-inspired decor for just the right combination of modern and vintage with its rich layers, patterns and curves.
  • For a taste of spring that lasts yearround, bring home a little flower power with floral fabrics for upholstery, curtains and wallpapers.


We couldn’t be more in love with the vibrant, mellow energy of Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, Living Coral. This warm, nourishing hue expresses everyone’s deep need for optimism and comfort in today’s ever-shifting world.

Here are a few more great ideas for winning the color game this year.

  • Matte black creates a powerful contrast when paired with your favorite colors, and it’s popping up more than ever on tables, chairs and lamps. Matte finishes across the rainbow lend a relaxed, futuristic appeal to tables, cabinets and other furnishings.
  • Bold is bigger than ever. For a more intriguing space that’s neither too bland nor too spicy, a few navy blues, organic greens or deep reds will wake up your existing neutrals for a more balanced look.
  • Create a more cheerful, inviting atmosphere by eschewing monochrome gray and mixing in some golds, burnt yellows, and warm reds.


Complete your space with stylish, functional furnishings that match your life and your personality.

  • With convenience at a premium, it’s nice to have spaces that can pull double duty — like a home office that turns into a guest room when company comes. All you need are a few multifunctional pieces that look great in any room you prefer, from living rooms to work spaces to bedroom suites.
  • Want a softer ambience? Look for sofas, chairs, benches and other furnishings with curves for a sense of flexibility and playfulness to otherwise serious spaces.
  • Get kinder, gentler illumination from rounded-off lighting designs including forward-thinking halo chandeliers or vintage pendants.
  • The cozy elegance of velvet is making a big comeback. No longer derided as stuffy and old-fashioned, this cushy, multidimensional fabric adds charm and depth to almost any room and looks great on sofas or other seating.
  • Drift off to dreamland in the classic comfort of a four-poster bed. Clean, slim lines give you a timeless look that transforms your bedroom into an oasis from day-to-day stress.


Looking for more great home decor ideas? Schedule a consultation with a local design expert at Lifestyles Furniture.

Whether you’re seeking that dream room or need a whole-house redesign, we’ll help you choose the perfect pieces to get the look and feel you want!

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