Smart Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Not sure what to do with that small space? You’re in the right place!

Small rooms offer generous possibilities for creating a decor that’s uniquely you.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a not-so-big apartment or make the most of a small area within a large home, keep reading for helpful hints on getting big style from even your most square-footage-challenged spaces.

#1: Pull Double Duty

Get more from your pieces by choosing furnishings that give you both aesthetic and practical value. Think:

  • Tables that convert into desks
  • Sofa beds for entertaining and sleeping
  • Soft cubes that could be used as tables or extra seats
  • Furniture that folds for extra space including desks, tables or beds
  • Pieces that offer extra storage, like beds or tables with shelving, an ottoman that opens and other furnishings that hold your belongings

#2: Get Vertical

When floor space is limited, look to your walls for extra design and storage. Tall, elongated items and wall-mounted options draw the eye upward to create the appearance of a bigger room. Some ideas include:

  • Tall cabinets and bookshelves
  • Wall-mounted shelves
  • Curtains hung close to the ceiling
  • Tall, slender lamps

#3: Go Small

The last thing you want is to bring home a fabulous new sectional, only to find it doesn’t fit in your living room. Take a tape measure to the store and know what space you have to work with.

Depending on the size of the room, you may need to decide between purchasing multiple smaller pieces or a few larger items. Some smaller, but satisfying pieces might include:

#4: Or Go Big!

Still got your heart set on that big sofa? There is a way!

Strategic placement is key. For instance, arranging larger items around the perimeter leaves more space for complementary smaller items. Start with a larger piece and position smaller pieces around them accordingly.

  • A big couch accented with smaller tables and chairs
  • A larger bed as the focal point of the bedroom
  • A full-size rug to give the room a grander scale

#5: Create an Illusion of Space

There are lots of easy ways to make a room appear bigger than it really is — without tearing down a single wall! Here are just a few designer-approved room-expanding secrets:

  • Use furnishings in neutral tones
  • Incorporate well-placed lighting, including table or floor lamps, string lights, sconces or pendants
  • Mount a large mirror along one wall

#6: Choose Boldly

Square footage may be limited, but your imagination doesn’t have to be. Loading up on personality is another great way to get even more enjoyment out of smaller spaces.

  • Add brightly colored furnishings and accessories to liven up neutrals
  • Include eye-catching art, picture frames and throw pillows
  • Choose distinct color schemes for individual rooms, such as reddish tones for the kitchen, blue-greens for a lively living room or soothing, soft pastels for the bedroom

#7: Edit Your Space

Let’s face it – we could all stand to clear out a little clutter, especially when space is limited.

Take a closer look at your older belongings. Zero in on those items you no longer need and notice how they make the room look more crowded.

Sell or donate unwanted items in good condition and recycle or discard those you no longer have a use for. It’s an easy way to benefit your community and make your house look better all at the same time!

Need help pulling off the perfect design for the small spaces in your home? Contact Lifestyles Furniture and let our local design experts show you how!

Jerome Rackers

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