Update Your Living Room with These Wall Decor Ideas

Are those living room walls starting to feel a little dull and dated?

It’s easy to breathe new life into your whole space just by updating your wall decor. From intriguing works of art to sentimental keepsakes, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to curating a design that’s as unique as you are. 

Wall decor makes your room feel more complete by adding a more welcoming feel to an otherwise sterile space. A good rule of thumb is to select wall decorations that fit your wall space and complement other elements like your floor, ceiling and furniture. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of our favorite wall decorating ideas for a little inspiration. 

Make a Statement with Visual Art

Nothing gives your living room an identity all its own like a one-of-a-kind work of art. From large statement paintings to smaller prints, there are beautiful options to suit any decor from traditional to modern. Always look for a good blend of colors and patterns to set the right mood. 

Hang a painting above the couch for an eye-grabbing focal point. Or choose a tall painting to breathe new life into an empty vertical wall. Brighten up a corner by placing two smaller prints face-to-face along intersecting walls. 

If you’ve got a collection of smaller pieces you’d like to display together, a gallery wall offers a stylish solution. Two complementary prints can be hung side by side or in a vertical line, depending on the size and layout of your wall space. A painting divided into three panels looks fabulous above the sofa. Just be sure to take measurements so you can space the items evenly!

You may also wish to display prized artworks in traditional frames or choose more unexpected options. For example, hanging unframed prints in metal clips, or leaning a framed piece against the wall, are both excellent ways to create a more informal atmosphere. 

Choose Creative Pieces that Inspire Curiosity

Besides paintings and prints, there are other types of wall-mounted art that can add a more eclectic flair to your space. 

Hang a sculpture above the mantel or next to the doorway for a cool conversation-starter. Choose an intricate wood carving for a rustic feel, or innovative metallic designs for the contemporary living room.

Tapestries, quilts and other cloth items give almost any room a cozy, lived-in vibe while also softening noise levels. Hang a colorful tapestry along a large stretch of wall, or display a painted cloth or quilt above the couch.

Many people use plants as a table centerpiece, but have you ever thought of placing them on the wall? From cascading vines on an upper shelf to wall-mounted planters for small plants, there are lots of ways to bring a refreshing naturalistic feel to your space. 

Add a Few Personal Touches

Cherished heirlooms such as family-made art or nostalgic treasures let you create a soothing, homey ambience.

Hang a collection of black-and-white family photos above the sofa, desk or mantel for sentimental sophistication. Or display a poster-sized photo of your favorite vacation spot.

Besides favorite photos, you can also show off your personality by hanging up objects reflecting your passions. Classic album covers and musical instruments let you display your love of the performing arts. For the outdoor enthusiast, you can even go with vintage camping or sporting equipment! 

Wow Them with Wallpaper & Paint Ideas

From stunning solids to intriguing patterns, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to wallpaper or paint. Look for colors, designs and materials that complement your paintings and other items. Additional unique ideas include painting a bold mural or applying wallpaper to the ceiling. 

One popular design choice is to create an accent wall. Instead of using the same wallpaper or paint color throughout the living room, give one wall a different look to draw more visual interest. For instance, choose a cheerful shade around the fireplace to offset an otherwise neutral color scheme. Bold oranges or reds may feel overpowering for the entire room, but they can add the perfect pop of energy when applied to a smaller space. 

Showcase Those Shelves

Open shelves let you incorporate almost any item into your decor, from your favorite books and personal mementoes to fun figurines and stunning glassware. 

If you’ve got built-in shelves, paint them in a different color to make them stand out from the rest of the wall. Another option is to install wall-mounted shelves to hold extra books, photos or other items. You could stack them vertically or arrange them in a clever stair-step pattern. 

Brighten Up with Light Elements

Give your walls a little more pizzazz with elements that make your space appear brighter and bigger. 

First, mirrors add instant depth and reflect light for a vibrant atmosphere. Hang a large mirror to serve as a focal point or group a collection of smaller mirrors along a gallery wall. Incorporate some artistic flair with fun, rounded shapes such as a sunburst pattern.

Light fixtures, such as sconces on either side of a window or doorway, brighten up otherwise drab spaces and give you extra illumination right where you need it. If you really want to show off that prized artwork, install picture lights above the frame for a sophisticated, museum-like feel.

And don’t forget about those windows! Look for drapes and blinds that complement the rest of your space while insulating your home from the temperatures outside.

Make the Most of Architectural Features

Finally, before you decide which items to hang on your walls, pay attention to the unique architectural design of the wall itself. Exposed beams or brick can be incorporated into rustic or contemporary designs. You could paint them in a favorite hue or keep the natural earth tones for a cozy farmhouse look. 

Paneling and wainscoting look fabulous in the traditional living room. Paint them all the same color for a formal, uniform look or combine different shades for an appealing contrast. If you have large panels, hang paintings or prints within each panel to create your very own home art gallery. 


Whether you’re making a few updates or redesigning your entire living room, Lifestyles Furniture has a showroom filled with quality home furnishings to inspire you. Our design experts will help you select the best pieces to create the look you want, with convenient delivery and financing options available.

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