Set an Optimistic Tone with the Top Home Decor Ideas of 2023

The interior decorating trends of 2023 have taken a decidedly positive turn as the stressful times of recent years fade into the background. Design experts point to vibrant colors, comforting layouts and an emphasis on personal expression over chasing fads.

Blending old and new furniture is a time-tested way to create an atmosphere that exudes character and warmth. Popular elements include soft, curvy shapes and natural materials like cotton, velvet, wool and linen. Mixed metal finishes and statement lighting evoke the understated sophistication of the mid-20th Century. 

Lifestyles Furniture is the perfect place to find quality home furnishings from top manufacturers. We offer a wide assortment of customizable options for updating your home decor. Let’s take a peek at this year’s best ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Lived-In Luxury

Gone are the days when luxury automatically meant choosing the most expensive item in the store.

In 2023, luxury is about reflecting your very own personal taste with fabulous pieces that fit any budget. It’s about avoiding an overly “matchy” decor for a layout that’s as comfortable to live in as it is beautiful to look at. It’s about the freedom to mix different style families and time periods. 

It’s never been easier to transform your living room into a calming retreat with plush cushions, soft rugs, layered lighting and quality fabrics like velvet and linen. Warm woods, cozy pillows and cuddly throws are other welcome-home must-haves. Another fun option is to repurpose furniture for both functionality and visual interest. For example, let a stylish nightstand or dresser double as a foyer table. 

Old Meets New

Not sure what to do with that cherished heirloom you can’t bear to part with? No problem!  

This year’s decorating themes bring together the best of past and present. When choosing a new sofa to go with a set of antique chairs, for example, look for common threads like similar colors, textures or materials. You can also breathe new life into a tired older piece by applying a fresh coat of paint

If a groovy, nostalgic vibe speaks to you, choose timeless, functional furnishings inspired by ‘60s and ‘70s fashion. Good examples include tactile textures, organic shapes and warm wood finishes for coffee tables, media cabinets and lamps. 

Yet another wonderful past-meets-present trend is the Coastal Grandmother style and its youthful cousin, Coastal Granddaughter. This relaxed, elegant theme includes elements like slipcovers, natural decor items and light neutral colors. Add a pop of energy with floral prints or classic patterns such as gingham, plaid or houndstooth. 

Down to Earth Style

Naturalistic elements inject a positive mood into any room in the house. Watery greens and blues paired with varying earth tones give off a calming, retro aesthetic. 

For couches and chairs, look for natural upholstery fabrics like wool, cotton or silk. Give your space a sense of depth and intimacy with warm woods for coffee tables, chairs and picture frames. Keep the outdoorsy feel going with the natural charm of stone or clay pottery.

Generous Curves

What better way to unwind at the end of a hectic day than to stretch out on a soft, curvy sofa? Rounded edges add a more relaxed atmosphere to any room. 

Other possibilities include oval-shaped coffee tables and mirrors, circular throw pillows or accent chairs with graceful, curved legs. Keep in mind that curved pieces tend to run larger than their rectangular counterparts, so take measurements at the store to make sure items will fit your room.

Creative Lighting

Looking for a quick, easy update to your decor? Look no further than a brand new set of stylish lamps. From rounded globes to unexpected shapes, 2023 is the year when lighting meets art. 

Along with built-in lights, lamps help you create a custom layered lighting design. Choose brighter illumination for work, then soften things up for casual entertaining. Even better news? There’s no shortage of fabulous lamps in a vast array of styles, heights and finishes. Look for a mix of complementary floor and table lamps to complete your lighting design. 

Unexpected Colors & Textures

If you’re looking to liven up a neutral background, select a soothing mix of warm and cool tones. A great example would be watery blues and greens layered with warm reds and earth tones. 

A little goes a long way when it comes to bright colors. For example, a burnt orange pillow is just enough to add a splash of energy to a pastel sofa. Or add visual interest by pairing a brown leather chair with an eye-catching plaid throw. If you want to set a modern, sophisticated tone, include a few black accents for lampstands and metal table legs. 

Wallpaper offers a plethora of ways to add personality to your space. Instead of covering the whole wall, choose a clever design to create a border around doors, windows or crown molding. Another appealing option is a raised texture you can feel with your fingers. Finally, apply a stylish wallpaper design or even a coat of paint to your ceiling for a unique conversation-starter. 


As you can see, 2023 is a year of almost endless possibilities for freshening up your home with quality furnishings. At Lifestyles Furniture, our design experts are here to help you sort through your options to find the perfect pieces for your decor.

We invite you to drop by our vast showroom or reach out to us online at any time!

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