Wondering What to Put on a Coffee Table? Get Inspired with These Ideas!

A fabulous coffee table is a key ingredient for creating the living room of your dreams.

Think of it as the heart and soul of your space. Whether you’re visiting with guests or catching up on your favorite show, your coffee table is always in your line of sight. It sets the tone for the whole room. 

In addition, what you put on top of your coffee table is just as important as the table itself. Should you opt for a beautiful vase of fresh flowers? A stack of travel books from places you’ve been? Or a creative basket that keeps things clutter-free? 

For starters, your coffee table decor should pull the room together. Items that match your curtains, sofa cushions or throw pillows are a good choice. You’ll also want something that reflects your personal taste, whether traditional, rustic or contemporary.

To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite coffee table decor ideas!

#1: Green Energy

Need an eye-catching centerpiece for your living room?

Just place a beautiful houseplant at the center of your coffee table!

Plants bring a calming energy to any space and help us feel more connected to the natural world. A bright bouquet of seasonal flowers in an elegant vase gives you an instant pop of color. Stylish succulents in small planters are easy to care for, while cascading plants are the perfect choice for injecting a sense of drama into your decor.

#2: Clever Storage

Coffee tables can quickly become cluttered with remote controls, coasters and other frequently used items. 

Want an easy solution? A tray or other container lets you incorporate a convenient storage aspect into your decor. You can find coffee table trays in a wide variety of styles, from old-fashioned silver to rustic wood. A handwoven straw basket also adds appealing texture while keeping objects within easy reach.

#3: A Personal Touch

Want to get the conversation started? Just include a few items of personal interest in your coffee table display. This is the perfect place to show off a treasured sculpture or travel book from your favorite destination. Here are a few other ideas for personalizing your coffee table:

  • Candles are a classic design element that come in a wide assortment of colors, textures and scents.
  • Want to go glam? Make your living room shine with unique bowls, trays or other metallic elements. 
  • Embrace your eclectic side with curious works of art or animal figurines.
  • Get creative with beverage coasters. Order a custom set featuring family photos or match them to your wallpaper pattern. 
  • Have some fun with a luxury chess set or special edition board game designed for viewing as well as playing. Examples include Scrabble Deluxe Edition or Monopoly Luxury Edition.

#4: Color

Your coffee table is a wonderful place to play up your living room color scheme or to add a vibrant splash to an otherwise neutral space.

Want to complement your curtains or throw pillows? Choose a few candles, vases or other accent items in a similar shade. If your wallpaper includes lots of curved shapes, coordinate with a smooth, round bowl or tray on your coffee table. For a clean, modern feel, go with a monochromatic theme such as white accessories on a light wood table.

#5: Layout

One very important design principle is layout, or how objects are arranged in a visual space. Here are a few wonderful options for creating an appealing coffee table display.

  • Get in the zone: Think it terms of grouping objects on your coffee table to create interest. One appealing option is to place a vase or other large item in the center, surrounded by a few smaller items. Another popular layout is a symmetrical pattern with similar-sized objects on either side of a rectangular table.
  • Less is more: If you’re going for a sleek, minimalist feel, choose a single, eye-catching item, and you’re done! Examples include an interesting book with an artistic cover or a single houseplant in a colorful vase. 
  • Mix it up: You can create a sense of movement and energy by displaying objects with varying shapes and sizes. Place a soft, round bowl atop a stack of rectangular books. Or group together candles of different sizes – tall, short, wide and tapered. 

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to coffee table decor. At Lifestyles Furniture, we offer a wide selection of beautifully crafted coffee tables to serve as the perfect palette for your display. Talk to our design experts for help in choosing a gorgeous table for your living room.

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