How to Pull Off Mix-and-Match Dining Chairs

For many people, the thought of dining room furniture conjures up images of a carefully coordinated set with everything perfectly matched. 

But what happens if you find more than just one style of chair that you love while shopping around? Do you have to choose one over the other? Or is it okay to mix and match? 

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly popular to include more than just one style of dining chair around the table. When pulled off successfully, it’s a look that can inject a sense of fun and personality into your space. Combining the right pieces can enhance any dining room from industrial to contemporary. You can even use mismatched chairs to add a creative flair to a more traditional decor. 

At Lifestyles Furniture, our design experts are here to help you select from a wide assortment of quality dining room pieces. From stylish and comfortable chairs to cushioned benches, we’ve got something to suit almost any taste. To get you started, here are some of our favorite ideas for creating a fabulous dining room decor that includes mismatched chairs.

Stick to a Theme

A good rule of thumb for mixing and matching dining chairs is to select pieces that share at least one design element. This lets them work together as a unified whole. For example, you might look for seat cushions that match the wallpaper, or chairs with similar shapes such as all straight-back or all round-back.  

Depending on your personality, you might wish to have a set of ornate chairs, each with its own intricate carvings. Or you might prefer minimalist designs with a smooth finish. You could also stick with different chairs from the same era, such as all mid-century modern or all 19thcentury. 

Go Eclectic

If you’re a fan of the bold and unexpected, go ahead and make it obvious that you’re mismatching intentionally. 

One example would be to combine dining chairs from different eras on purpose. Place an ornate vintage chair at the head of the table, with newer, contemporary designs for the sides. Another option would be a comfortable dining bench along one side.

You can also have some fun by including a variety of chairs in different shapes, sizes and textures. When guests come over for dinner, let them choose the chair that best suits their personality!

Keep It Simple 

Another important principle for pulling off mismatched chairs is to keep things simple. For starters, let all of your chair backs have a similar height. This arrangement is much easier on the eye. Mixing tall and short chairs can look distracting and cluttered. 

You may also decide to stick with just two styles and place them strategically around the table. A common example is to choose one style for the head of the table and another for the sides. If you have a round dining table, let the two different styles alternate. 

Add variety to a monochromatic decor by selecting differently styled chairs in the same color, such as black, navy or green. Or do the inverse: create a light-hearted atmosphere with chairs of the same shape and size but in different colors. 

It’s also helpful to think in pairs. Purchase two chairs in each style and place them opposite from each other across the table. If your table seats four people, go with two pairs. If you can seat six guests, choose three pairs, and so on. 


If you’re trying to find just the right look for your dining room, stop by Lifestyles Furniture today. We will help you select the perfect dining chairs or benches from our wide selection of quality furniture. You may also call us at 573-874-1550 or contact us online

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