Dress Up Your Dining Room with These Holiday Centerpiece Ideas!

From carving the turkey to the last bite of pumpkin pie, the dining room is where families share delicious food and warm memories every holiday season.

Beautiful and functional dining room furniture sets the tone for welcoming guests from near and far. A fabulous dining room table will look amazing and withstand the wear and tear of all those special occasions. 

An elegant centerpiece is a must for adding that extra sparkle of Christmas magic to your celebration. A gorgeous vase overflowing with fresh flowers is a popular favorite, while the soft glow of candlelight creates a cozy, intimate ambience. You can also get into the spirit with lush greenery, red berries and treasured ornaments.

Here’s a few of our favorite ideas for decking out your dining room table for this year’s feast!

#1: Flowers & Greenery

There’s nothing like a seasonal floral arrangement to make any table come to life. Go for a rich, layered design complemented by an evergreen garland for a fun and festive look. Holiday flowers also pair well with bright citrus fruits in a bowl. 

If you’re planning a traditional, old-fashioned Christmas table, red flowers are hard to beat. Deck your table with poinsettias and holiday berries, or place red roses in an elegant vase flanked by long, red tapers. You can also combine red amaryllis with winter fruits and matching candles. 

Other great options: 

  • Transform your table into a winter wonderland with a cluster of white hydrangeas. 
  • Include long evergreen branches in your arrangement for a dramatic effect. 
  • Place a long garland down the length of your table for added texture. 

#2: Fruits

Along with fresh flowers, seasonal fruits add a vibrant, naturalistic flavor to your holiday table. Place them in a decorative bowl along with pinecones and sprigs of evergreen. Or fill a tall glass vase for an eye-catching fruit tower. Complement with a table garland, shiny ribbons or Christmas ornaments. 

Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, add bright color and give the room a refreshing scent. A single decorative container filled with oranges is enough for a small round table. For larger gatherings, place three or more bowls down the center of a long table. 

Berries and pomegranates are a good choice if red is your main color. For a tall centerpiece, tie a group of berry branches together with a decorative ribbon and place them in an elegant vase or pitcher. Arrange pomegranates in a bowl with fresh greenery and candles to symbolize good luck and prosperity. 

#3: Vases & Figurines

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to personalize your table with your favorite heirloom figurines or Grandma’s antique vase.  

Make a dramatic statement by placing a single large vase filled with flowers in the center of your holiday table. Show off your creative side by displaying a collection of smaller vessels in different colors along the length of the table. 

Give your table a whimsical touch with vintage figurines of Christmas carolers, angels or elves! If you’re going for an outdoorsy, rustic feel, include animal figures such as deer made of carved wood. 

#4: Candles

Want to treat your guests to an elegant dinner table this holiday season?

Then break out the candles!

Whether you’ve got an heirloom silver candelabra from days gone by, or a collection of contemporary designs, there’s nothing like the warm glow of candlelight to set the mood for a cozy family gathering. 

Place a set of matching candelabras along the length of a long dining table. For an eclectic, artistic display, group a set of candles in different designs together at the center. To brighten the mood a bit, go with red-and-white striped peppermint candles.

#5: Ornaments

Who says ornaments are just for the Christmas tree?

You can also add instant holiday flair to any dining table by including them in your centerpiece arrangement. And the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Perhaps the simplest idea is to fill a silver bowl with shiny round ornaments in your favorite color – from silver and gold to deep ruby red. Stack them in a clear glass vase to draw the eye upward. 

For a creative, tiered display, set a tureen on a platter and fill each level with your favorite ornaments. If you prefer a down-home farmhouse theme, place them in a set of mason jars and place them on the table with your favorite greenery. And if you’re up for some arts and crafts, purchase a set of Styrofoam cones and use hot glue to attach your round ornaments for a fun and elegant display. 

Finally, a small Christmas tree makes a perfect holiday centerpiece. Another option is to arrange small tree figurines alongside you flower arrangement or candelabra. 

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