5 Tips for Choosing the Best Sectional Sofa for Your Living Room

Decorating a living room that’s beautiful and functional can be quite a challenge – especially if you’ve got a big family.

Enter the sectional sofa!

This popular style of modular furniture gives you abundant seating that’s perfect for entertaining or stretching out for a nap. A sectional makes large living rooms feel more cozy and intimate. It also gives you lots of room to put your feet up after a hectic day – making it a good alternative to a stool or ottoman. 

Never bought a sectional before? Never fear!

Here at Lifestyles Furniture, our showroom boasts a wide selection of sectionals from top manufacturers. On top of that, many models are customizable, so your sectional blends in seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Here are five easy tips for choosing the right sectional for your home!

#1: Know Your Sectional Types

You can find sectional sofas in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit small or large living rooms. Some can be divided into separate pieces, so you can arrange them in the desired shape to match the layout of your space. Other options include chaise or recliner features, as well as sectionals with or without arms.

Here are a few of the most common types of sectionals available.

  • L-shaped: One of the most popular styles, the L-shaped sofa typically has one side longer than the other. The long side looks great against a wall, while the shorter side makes a good divider between different zones in your living room.
  • U-shaped: This option has two chaise sections on either end of the unit. It’s great for large rooms that need abundant seating and even more room to stretch out and relax. 
  • Corner sectionals: The corner sectional has two sections joined at a right angle. Most models feature full backs and armrests for a comforting, traditional feel. One side can function as a chaise when you’d like to put your feet up while reading. 
  • Curved sectionals: If you’d like to add a graceful touch to your living room, a curved sofa looks fabulous in larger spaces. It also facilitates good conversation because guests can sit facing one another comfortably. 
  • Sleeper sectionals: A sleeper sectional offers extra room for overnight guests. It’s a good choice if you’re expecting a large number of visitors for the holidays or during summer vacation!
  • Modular sectionals: The modular sectional lets you reconfigure different sections of your sofa. You can even place one section separately from the main unit to serve as an accent chair. It’s a great way to give your living room a fully customized look. 
  • Reversible: Some L-shaped sectionals have a chaise section that can be moved from one side to the other. This makes it easy to rearrange your furniture as desired. It’s also a big help should you ever move to a new home with a different layout.

#2: Measure Before You Shop

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a beautiful sectional in the showroom, only to find it doesn’t fit in your living room!

Get out the tape measure and determine the size of your space before you visit Lifestyles Furniture. Measure the floor space where your sectional will go, and measure how high up the wall the back should reach. 

Your sectional should complement the size and scale of other furniture in your living room, such as the coffee table, chairs and shelves. Make sure you leave enough walkway space in front of and around the sectional.

And measure your entry door while you’re at it. After all, your new sectional will have to fit through to get it into your home!

#3: Choose Your Fabric

Lifestyles Furniture lets you customize many items with your desired upholstery. Popular materials include leather and synthetic microfiber. For outdoor sectionals, good options include acrylic, polyester or olefin. 

When choosing fabric for a sectional, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • When will you use the sectional?
  • How will it be used?
  • Who will use it?

A high-performance fabric is recommended for frequently used sectionals. Choose a spill-proof material if you eat and drink in the living room. Stain-resistance is a must for homes with kids and pets. You’ll also want a fabric weave that’s easy to vacuum and that doesn’t trap animal dander. 

Another smart move?

Look for a washable fabric you can zip off and toss in the washing machine for freshening up! 

#4: Look for Quality

If you’re not used to shopping for furniture, you may not be sure how to spot the best options in the store. Your goal is to find something that will hold up to your lifestyle and provide years of enjoyment.

Here are a few details to look for when you visit our showroom:

  • Examine the depth and height of the seat. Ideally, it should be wide enough to lie down on comfortably. 
  • Compare the firmness of seat cushions. Some people love “sinking” into their sofa after a long day, while others prefer more firmness and support. 
  • A hardwood frame is sturdier and more durable. Avoid softwoods or particle board. 
  • Look for eight-way hand-tied springs and double-doweled and blocked joints on the corners. 
  • Metal connectors between sections are stronger and more reliable than plastic ones. It should be easy to disconnect sections when desired. 

#5: Match Your Decor & Your Lifestyle

Like all home furnishings, your sectional should complement the size and layout of the living room. It should also pair effortlessly with the rest of your decor. 

Pay close attention to size, shape and texture. Decide whether you prefer a sectional with or without arms. A sectional with arms will have a more traditional feel, while an armless model gives a clean, contemporary vibe. 

If your sectional will be positioned close to a window, make sure the fabric is UV-resistant. A taller back may block sunlight, while a lower profile will let more light in. 

Your sectional must be a good match for your coffee table. As a general rule of thumb, a round coffee table looks great with large, U-shaped sectionals and offers lots of space for food and drinks. A rectangular or square table pairs well with L-shaped designs. 

The larger your family, or the more guests you’ll be hosting, the larger sectional you’ll need. As far as the layout, think of how you like to use your living room: Watching TV? Reading? Socializing? Napping? 

Find the Right Sectional for Your Home

If you need a brand new sectional for your living room, visit Lifestyles Furniture. Our designers will offer helpful advice on choosing the best model and arranging it with your existing furniture. We will also help you customize your new furniture with upholstery to match your decor. 

You can call us during business hours at 573-874-1550 or contact us online at any time if you need more information.

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