Mixing Old & New Furniture for a Look that’s Uniquely Yours

Let’s say you need new furniture, but you’ve still got a few beloved pieces you can’t bear to part with.

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck!

This year’s best decorating ideas bring together the best of past and present. From pairing a new sofa with a set of antique chairs, to complementing Grandma’s nightstand with a new bed, there’s lots of ways to blend old and new in your decor.

While fabulous new furnishings are the perfect way to update your home, vintage items add a sense of history and personality. Your goal is to create just the right balance for a one-of-a-kind look that’s all your own. 

Here are a few helpful hints for mixing old and new furniture in your home.

#1: Find Your Personal Style

Your home decor really starts with you. 

Take some photos of the older furnishings you currently own. Save them on your phone and show them to our design experts at Lifestyles Furniture. That’ll make it easier to find new styles that will be a good match.

Identify your dominant style, and let your home decor reflect that. What are your family and cultural influences? Would you prefer a contemporary room with a few vintage touches? Or do you feel more at home with a traditional, retro vibe and a handful of contemporary accents? Browse through websites or decorating magazines for inspiration. 

Popular trends include functional layouts inspired by ‘60s and ‘70s living rooms. You can achieve this look by choosing tactile textures, organic shapes and warm woods. Another big favorite is the graceful Coastal Grandmother style, which emphasizes fun floral patterns, airy neutrals and natural decor items. 

Here are a few more decorating ideas for different rooms in the house

  • For the bedroom, go for a comfortable, casual ambience by choosing slightly mismatched nightstands with a similar finish.
  • Antique glass jars and classic window treatments give your kitchen a cozy, lived-in vibe. Display old-fashioned dinnerware for an even more nostalgic feel. 
  • A rustic table, chairs and bench create a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room
  • An old dresser for holding towels and personal items is an excellent way to give your guest bathroom a homey touch.

#2: Plan a Pleasing Layout

Avoid grouping all modern furniture on one side of a room and all of the older pieces on the other. Your goal is to blend old and new throughout the space. Make sure all furnishings are the right size – the last thing you want is a cluttered living room!

Choose a Focal Point 

Let one item be the “star of the show” in a particular room and let your other furnishings be the supporting cast. Your statement piece could be any item that immediately catches the eye, such as:

  • A vintage velvet sofa 
  • A large, sturdy bookshelf
  • A sleek, modern coffee table
  • An ornamental, carved headboard in the bedroom

Complement your focal point with beautiful chairs, end tables, cushions and wall decor. 

Create a Sense of Balance  

You can achieve balance by mixing items with just enough variety to create visual interest. For example, anchor a long wall with a heavy sofa in a rich, dark color. Then accent with light-colored chairs. Or hang a bold, colorful print to energize an otherwise neutral living room. And don’t forget to leave enough floor space between furnishings. That’ll keep the room from feeling cramped. 

#3: Look for Common Threads

Purchase new items featuring materials, colors and textures to blend in seamlessly with the furnishings you already have. 

Complementary Colors 

When it comes to color, go for an effective use of neutrals and appealing contrasts. 

  • Neutral colors provide the foundation for your decor. Let’s say you already have a set of accent chairs in a calm beige. A colorful new sofa may be just the thing you need to bring them to life! 
  • In most rooms, a healthy mix of light and dark colors creates an eye-catching visual for the eye. If your current sofa features soft, pastel upholstery, add greater depth with a rich leather recliner

Mixing Design Elements  

There’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to combining vintage and modern decor items. Here are a few more ideas for giving your space an inviting layered look. 

  • Ready to update the dining room? Choose a sleek, modern dining table to go with the minimalist chairs you already own. 
  • Not sure what to do with those classic table lamps? Place them on your brand new end tables to lend a relaxed feel to a contemporary decor. 
  • An antique rug in good condition pulls together separate pieces for a cozy, unified look. 
  • Want to give an instant timeless feel to any room in the house? Hang a large vintage poster or classic painting. 

If you’re looking for gorgeous new furnishings to update your home, come visit us at Lifestyles Furniture. Our showroom offers a wide assortment of styles to suit any taste. Plus, most items in our store can be customized to match your existing decor. 

You can also give us a call at 573-874-1550 or contact us online if you need more information.

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