Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Home Electronics into Your Home Decor

From bingeing our favorite shows to mastering the latest video games, home electronics are among the most frequently used items in the home.

But it’s no secret that homeowners have something of a love-hate relationship with our favorite gadgets when it comes to interior decorating. Many people worry that all those high-tech toys may create a cold, sterile atmosphere in an otherwise cozy living room.

And let’s face it: Nobody wants to see a tangled web of cords cluttering up the floor.

But if you think you have to banish your TV behind a cabinet door to have a fabulous living room, think again!

Believe it or not, high-tech gizmos and quality furnishings can go together. Design experts will tell you it’s all about creating a layout that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical for daily living. From gorgeous media centers to comfortable seating, Lifestyles Furniture offers a wide array of beautiful home furnishings to give you the look and feel you want.

Here are three time-tested tips for seamlessly blending home electronics with the rest of your decor!

#1: Start with a Good Layout

Whether you’re furnishing a brand new home or freshening up an existing space, do some planning before you shop.

Step back and assess the size and shape of your living room. Your goal is to arrange your furniture for comfort, conversation and, yes, a clear view of the screen. Measure the space where a new sofa, coffee table or media console will go. That’ll ensure you choose something in the right size that will complement all the other pieces in the room. 

Here are a few popular layouts in homes today

  • Symmetrical: If a calming sense of balance appeals to you, consider placing two sofas facing each other with a coffee table in between. Center your TV on a media center or sturdy console table, flanked by attractive decor items on either side.
  • Floating: This approach works well in rooms with large windows or minimal wall space for “anchoring” large furniture. Place your sofa, coffee table and accent chairs a few feet from the wall for an elegant island effect. Mount a flat-screen TV on the wall for an intimate viewing experience. 
  • L-shaped: A well-positioned sofa or sectional opposite the TV is a good layout for living rooms with an elongated wall on one side. Accent with a complementary coffee table, end tables and lamps for a look that’s both stylish and inviting.
  • Irregular: If your living room is large or odd-shaped, create separate zones with groupings of furniture for different purposes. For example, one zone might include a desk for getting some work done, while another features a sofa and TV for entertainment. Use area rugs to mark different zones and pull together furniture groupings.

#2: Placement Is Everything

Position TV sets, gaming consoles, computers and other electronics for both ease of use and to complement your furnishings.

In many homes, the TV is a focal point of the living room or den. Select a quality stand or media center and arrange your seating to give everyone a good view of the screen. No one should have to strain their neck to follow the storyline!

Place your TV away from the glare of sunlight or artificial lighting. Avoid high-traffic areas where people may walk in front of it. A flat screen mounted on the wall is a great way to free up extra floor space.

Invest in a handsome console table or bookshelf to store any DVDs, tapes or albums you have in your media collection. And if you’d like to create a workspace in one section of your living room, select a beautiful desk to hold your computer, along with a stylish table lamp for ample lighting.

#3: Dress Up Your Gadgets

Another way to blend technology with your decor is to give your electronics their own sense of style.

For the gamer in the family, you can find console or dock covers in a variety of colors and patterns for PS5, Nintendo Switch and other gaming systems. 

Similarly, you can also choose a stylish case or cover for a laptop computer or tablet device. If you’ll be using your device in the living room, look for something that complements your existing color scheme. And if you want to enjoy the magic of technology with a homey, retro vibe, purchase bluetooth speakers that resemble old-fashioned radios and record players.

Want to add a quick and easy creative touch to your living room? Choose a TV that comes with an art mode. It lets you display a colorful painting when you aren’t watching a show or movie.

Finally, you can keep those pesky wires out of sight with a handy cable organizer. It keeps your cords discreetly tucked away behind your TV screen so they won’t cramp your style. 


Are you looking for fabulous furnishings to fill out your living room? Our experienced designers are here to help. We’ll help you choose a media center, along with other quality home furnishings, that fit with your style and your budget.

Drop by our showroom or contact us online to learn more!

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