Seasonal Makeover Basics: Area Rugs & Occasional Tables for Wintertime

As the last of the leaves fall from the trees and temperatures drop, Old Man Winter is rapping at our doors once again. But just because nature’s color palette is trending toward drab doesn’t mean your living space should. Liven things up with a seasonal makeover.

Hunkering down. Going dormant. Hibernating. We often equate these phrases with the wintertime doldrums. More time indoors can certainly make you restless. And the more you see that same old living room décor, the more you may like the idea of changing things up. 

If you’re looking to usher in seasonal accents without sacrificing the coziness of your lair, spending too much or falling into that full-on makeover trap, we have the perfect compromise. Try swapping out your area rugs and occasional tables to carry you through to spring’s welcome arrival.

A Different Area Rug Can Make a Dramatic Difference

Interior designers often base a room’s overall design theme on the rug—and for good reason. Starting from the ground up just makes sense, and the right rug ties a room together in a way that only rugs can.

Changing out your area rug for a winter feel can be tricky, no doubt. The new rug still needs to complement your wall color, furniture and fixtures, but it can be done. And when done well, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try a seasonal switch sooner. 

Choosing the right rug depends on several factors, including your style, flooring, taste for trendiness and whether you’re wanting some color to contrast with winter’s grayness. For more tactile sensibilities, a shag rug might be exactly what your cold-weather refuge requires. Or perhaps the thickness and durability of a patterned wool rug is a better fit. Go bold and contemporary with a cotton rug for a mood booster or try a muted jute rug to jibe with your natural vibe. 

If you’re having a hard time settling on an area rug, don’t. Experiment with layering two or three rugs to create a multi-textured, insulating effect. In winter, more layers signify more warmth. This technique works best for larger rooms. And be sure to mind those corners by keeping them out of high-traffic areas. No one wants to navigate trip hazards in their living room.

Remember, your winter makeover is a lot like a summer intern—a welcome addition that’s only around for a few months. That said, find an area rug that’s affordable and well-made. Tastes and trends change, so there’s a good possibility you may decide to go in a different direction a couple of years from now. 

It’s Time to Turn the Tables 

That new area rug is going to need some carefully selected partner pieces for your makeover to have the intended impact on your living space (and psyche). We’re looking at you, accent tables. Your year-round gig is up.

Like the rugs they rest upon, accent tables play a central role in a living area. The best ones are more than utilitarian: they’re stylish. In addition to providing plenty of space for beverages, books and games, a coffee table has the potential to complete a look. That’s exactly why it should be part of your seasonal makeover.

When looking for an accent table that complements your décor through the holiday season and beyond, there are three variables to consider. Does it pair well with your winter rug or rugs? Will it blend nicely with seasonal decorations? And finally, does it fulfill any storage needs you might have?

Your home’s inner warmth should be reflected in your winter accent tables. Christmas trees, evergreen embellishments and other seasonal stylings exude a natural appeal. If your space has a frosted feel, a whitewashed table is a no-brainer. If not, the brown hues of natural wood nicely capture the essence of roasted chestnuts.

On the topic of nuts, some of us have a tendency to squirrel away the necessities this time of year. If you find yourself routinely reaching for a blanket, book or puzzle from your perch on the sofa, consider a coffee table with ample storage. Having all the essentials within arm’s length is a must on the most frigid of days. 

When shopping for an accent table that fits your wintry motif, be sure to look for sets with end tables. You may very well like the new feel so much that you decide to include those pieces in your seasonal makeover, as well. 

Lifestyles Furniture is a great place to start your search for seasonal occasional tables, with several collections to choose from. Or if you’re looking for some design advice before launching into your living room makeover, contact us today for a consultation.

Jerome Rackers

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