Transform Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Oasis

With more people at home these days, bedrooms are becoming less of a place to sleep and more of a domestic refuge for family members to relax and recharge.

Are you craving a place of your own to retreat to? With some simple upgrades, your bedroom can become a den of Zen that you’ll never want to leave.

Designers and decorators have endless ideas for transforming your bedroom into a mental health haven that’s cozy and comfortable. The right balance of plush bedding, meaningful decor and calming colors will make all the difference, and we have some savvy suggestions to get you started. 

Blue Cures the Blues

Colors have been proven to influence your mood, so choose hues that chase away the blues. More daytime lounging in the bedroom means accounting for how natural light will interact with the colors you’ve selected for your soothing space.  

Greens can be calming, but blues are most often associated with shedding stressand navy blue is at the top of the tranquility scale. Shades of blue can be tricky, though. Too dark, and your bedroom might feel more claustrophobic than calm. Too light, and it may swing into beach house territory. Our advice: find a deep blue for your walls and contrast with white linens and brown or bronze accent pieces.

Crank Up the Coziness 

Your bed is always going to be the centerpiece of your bedroom oasis. But since beds have a tendency to whisk us away to dreamland, it’s nice to have a secondary spot that’s comfy but not coma-inducing.

For more conscious pursuits like reading, working on a laptop or curling up with a pet for some quality time, consider investing in a loveseat or chair. The right piece of furniture will exude comfort and beckon you whenever you enter your relaxing bedroom. Make your go-to spot even more enticing with accent pillows and a super-soft throw.

Configuring your sitting area can be a challenge, depending on how much space you have. Thankfully, furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and Lifestyles Furniture provides lots of customizable options. Persevere until you find the right piece! 

Scented Oils for Olfactory Bliss

Once you have the visual and tactile aspects covered, it’s time to think about your bedroom’s fragrance. Never overlook the importance of pleasant smells when it’s time to relax. Your brain assigns certain smells to memories and moods, so choose wisely and that scent will forever remind you of your beloved bedroom. 

Oil diffusers are one of the most effective—and stylish—ways to give your sanctuary a signature scent. Select a year-round scent that always lifts your spirits or swap them out as the seasons change. Lavender, rose and chamomile all have a well-earned reputation for reducing anxiety, or perhaps you prefer an earthier scent like patchouli or frankincense.

At Lifestyles Furniture, we offer quality, American-made home furnishings that will bring your relaxing bedroom goals to life. Contact us today for a personalized design consultation!

Jerome Rackers

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