You Can Do It (Yourself): DIYs

This blog is all about DIY. I scanned the Internet and found some of my favorite lists, individual DIYs and Anthropologie dupes. While most of these take preparation and a trip to Hobby Lobby or Lowes, they’re college- and family-friendly alternatives to more expensive looks. Check them out!


 31 Easy DIY Updates That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Personal Favorite: #13 Frame Your TV
Buy a simple frame from your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels and hang it from nails right around your television. Make sure you measure your television in advance. If you’d prefer not to nail the frame, try using Command strips.



28 Solutions to Your Closet Problems
Personal Favorites: #2 use bookshelves to display pretty shoes & #25 turn your closet into an office

Inexpensive bookshelves can be purchased from IKEA, Walmart, the Container Store or even a local garage sale. For a more personal feel, use metallic or stone spray paint.    A closet can be converted into a small office using a coat of paint and flat shelves. This is a great option to save space in a smaller room.

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 28 Anthropologie Hacks
Personal Favorites: #8 Sew a Duvet & #36 Pom Pom Thumbtacks

This DIY is slightly more complicated and requires basic seamstress knowledge and a sewing machine. The end result is a beautiful and custom ruffled duvet for under $100. Pom pom thumbtacks are an easy but fun craft that can be done in less than half an hour. Perfect for office spaces, family bulletin boards or dorm rooms.

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