Four Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress to Buy

Most people know that sleep is essential for overall well-being.

It helps you get more work done, makes you a safer driver, and improves your health.

That’s why investing in a great mattress is one of the best things you can do for yourself! A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that 93% say their mattress is “important” or “very important” for getting a good night’s sleep.

But with so many different mattresses to choose from, how do you know which one will help you get enough Z’s?

We’ve put together a list of four considerations to think about when shopping around.

#1: What Are the Different Types of Mattresses?

Here are a few of the most common types of mattresses you’ll want to be familiar with.

  • Innerspring. Also known as a coil mattress, the innerspring is one of the most popular mattress styles. A quality innerspring gives you support, comfort and just the right amount of “bounce.” It also has good cooling properties to keep you from getting too hot while sleeping. 
  • Memory Foam. Invented by NASA, memory foam offers excellent body contouring and pressure relief. It “remembers” the shape of your body to give you customized support. Memory foam beds come in a range of densities depending on your desired level of durability, responsiveness to movement, sleep temperature and other factors. 
  • Latex. A latex bed gives you excellent pressure relief and durability with less of a “hug” than you would find with memory foam. Both natural and synthetic varieties do a great job of regulating your temperature to keep you cool and comfy. However, individuals with latex allergies will want to look for another option. 
  • Hybrid. Most hybrid mattresses combine coils with foam to optimize pressure relief, support, bounce and airflow for maximum comfort. Other models blend two different foams such as memory and latex. 

#2: Look for the Right Amount of Support

A mattress with good support will keep your back in proper alignment and reduce pressure points as you sleep. 

  • Your spine should stay in a neutral position, similar to when you’re standing up during waking hours. 
  • Pressure relief offers comfort for sore joints and reduces restlessness. 
  • Sinkage refers to how deeply you sink into the mattress and how much it conforms to your body shape. A “deeper hug,” commonly found in memory foam beds, is ideal for those needing more pressure relief.
  • The more support your bed offers, the firmer it will feel. Desired firmness is somewhat subjective, so you’ll want to look for the right combination of the healthy support you need and the softness you want. 

By the way, don’t be shy about lying down on a mattress in the store to experience first-hand how it feels — just don’t fall asleep there! 

#3: Consider Your Sleep Position

Your preferred sleep position will also affect the level of support and firmness you need. If you tend to switch positions during the night, look for a mattress that makes it easy to move around in bed.

  • Back sleepers need good lumbar support to remove pressure from the legs and hips. 
  • For side sleepers, the shoulders and hips are your top priorities for pressure relief. 
  • For stomach sleepers, a quality mattress will provide equal support for your entire body, relieve pressure on your torso and preserve healthy spinal alignment.

#4: Keeping Sleep Partners Happy

Everyone sleeps a little differently, which makes it challenging to find just the right bed for you and your significant other! Motion transfer and customizability are two features to look for in a “shareable” mattress.

  • Motion transfer. When one partner turns in bed, does it disturb the other? A memory foam bed may be the solution. Foam allows you to move around without causing the whole mattress to vibrate, which is more likely to happen with an innerspring. 
  • Customization. For couples with different sleeping preferences, a customizable mattress is an excellent option. One side of the mattress can be firmer than the other, while the other side emphasizes pressure relief. Some mattresses are customized at the factory, while others can be adjusted at home by individual users.

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