Enjoy Sweet Dreams with These Must-Have Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Along with eating your veggies and exercising, getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your overall well-being.

Sleep can boost your brain power, give you a healthy heart and even make you a safer driver.

The right bedroom furniture provides an environment that makes it easy to slip off to dreamland and wake up refreshed for the busy day ahead. You also want to choose something to reflect your own personal sense of style.

Here are a few bedroom essentials you’ll want to consider, whether you prefer a coordinated bedroom set or individual pieces.


It almost goes without saying — your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. As the focal point of the bedroom, the perfect bed gives you a combination of comfort and style.

  • The right size is a big priority. Too small is uncomfortable, but too big makes the room feel crowded.
  • You can make a statement with your choice of bed frame, from four-posts to a platform bed.
  • A bed with a creative headboard instantly updates your bedroom environment.


Keeping essential items close at hand may save you the trouble of getting up frequently during the night. An attractive nightstand or bedside table offers this practical benefit while complementing your bedroom decor.

  • Matching tables on either side of the bed create a formal, unified appearance.
  • Another option is to pair slightly different tables for a touch of intrigue.
  • Choose a bedside table with drawers or shelving for added storage space.

Vanity Table

A vanity table, or dressing table, can serve a range of functions while adding a graceful note to your bedroom’s style quotient.

  • Fixing hair or applying makeup can be more convenient.
  • Storing jewelry, accessories and other small items helps to keep the room organized.
  • This table serves as an alternate place for writing or getting a little work done.

Pair the dressing table with an attractive mirror to create the feel of a larger room.

Seating Area

Want to catch up on your reading without having to get into bed?

A seating area with comfortable chairs or a couch is the perfect way to add a cozy, inviting atmosphere to almost any bedroom.

It’s also great for coffee, conversation, putting on shoes, or finishing up a little work before nodding off.

Bedroom Storage

Of course, you also need plenty of places to keep all your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and other items.

  • An attractive wardrobe provides additional room for clothing if your closet is short on space. It can also hold jewelry, accessories and extra bedding.
  • A chest-of-drawers can hold a number of items and comes in a variety of sizes and styles to match the rest of your furniture.
  • Typically lower and wider than a chest-of-drawers, a dresser includes drawers for storage and may also come with a mirror.
  • A trunk at the end of the bed is great for clothing, blankets, pillows and more, while adding a unique flavor to the look of your bedroom.

Bedroom Accessories

From a favorite painting to sentimental keepsakes, there’s no limit to the options for making your bedroom your own.

Here are two of the most important accessories you’ll want to look for:

  • Lighting design: think beyond the single overhead light. A chic table lamp is always appropriate for your bedside table or getting ready for the day at your dressing table. A floor lamp provides illumination for catching up on your reading in the seating area.
  • Add color, texture and personality to any room with a one-of-a-kind rug. Look for softer materials if you love to go barefoot in comfort when walking across the bedroom floor.

Are you trying to find the right furniture for your bedroom?

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