Style & Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand with Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings

If you’re looking to go green and update your home decor, you’re in luck!

More and more people these days are incorporating sustainability into their everyday lives – from boosting energy efficiency to reducing the waste in our landfills.

When shopping for furniture, quality and durability are the keys to finding pieces that look fabulous while going easy on Mother Nature. Choose well-crafted items from reputable manufacturers. Another principle is to extend the life of older furniture that’s still in good condition. 

Here are five considerations to keep in mind when choosing furnishings for any room in your home. 

#1: Durability

High quality furniture that’s built to last is less likely to end up in a landfill. Look for sturdy wood or metal frames and easy-to-clean upholstery that stands up to the rigors of daily life. Another big advantage of durability? The longer your furniture lasts, the less often you’ll need to replace it, which saves you money over the long term.

#2: Quality Woods

Did you know some tree species grow faster than others? Faster-growing woods are considered more renewable, which makes them an excellent choice for eco-friendly furniture that looks great in your home. Good examples include fir, pine and bamboo. 

#3: Sustainable Upholstery

Natural upholstery fabrics bring a classic sense of style to any room in the house. Popular examples include cotton, wool and linen. 

A growing number of brands offer quality synthetic fabrics made from recycled fibers. For those who prefer the look and feel of leather, a microfiber faux leather – often made from recycled materials – gives you a durable, stain resistant option that will look beautiful for years. You can also find cushions and throw pillows filled with natural materials such as coconut fiber instead of traditional foam. 

#4: Reputable Manufacturers

Another way to shop smart is to look for manufacturers who use sustainably sourced materials and minimize waste in the production process. For example, you can find quality furnishings made with recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials, including both wood and textiles. If indoor air quality is a priority, look for finishes and paints that are free of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Local or regional manufacturers are another great option for choosing unique furnishings with a lower environmental impact. 

#5: A Mix of Old and New

Finally, millions of pieces of furniture end up in our landfills every year.

One solution to this problem is to create a look that’s all your own by combining fresh new furnishings with beloved older pieces that are in good condition. And if you happen to have a quality older item you no longer need, consider selling it online or donating it to a local nonprofit. 


At Lifestyles Furniture, our showroom features a wide selection of unique, well-crafted furniture from quality manufacturers. On top of that, almost every item in our store is customizable, with fabrics available in a variety of materials, colors and textures to fit your lifestyle.

Drop by our showroom or reach out to us online to learn more!

Jerome Rackers

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