Decorating Trends For 2018 And How To Use Them

Welcome to Spring! Traditionally a time to clean, it’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate your favorite rooms. Incorporating some simple clean-line, bold-color, and textured trends of 2018 will have your home feeling fresh and looking fabulous.

If you’re going big on the refresh, you want a furniture overhaul. The beauty of simple and reclaimed materials is an enduring trend. Dark wood pieces with sharp, geometric lines and metallic accents (table legs, brass lamps, metal mirrors) play elegantly with a bold-colored accent wall and pastel throw pillows on the couch.

Fresh Colors

Updating your home can be as simple as adding some fresh color —a couple quarts of paint or a strong statement piece. Coat an accent wall with a big bold color—Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, UltraViolet, for example—and toss a variety of new, moody pastel-solid or flower-print throw pillows. Or customize a new or current furniture piece with a fabric that makes a statement.


Floral patterns, like anything popular in 1974, is back in a brand new way. Plush velvet couch coverings and the resurgence in floral and geometric wallpapers are on the uptick.

Let the light in!

Remove the blinds and draw back the curtains. Freshening your house can be as simple as letting in a little sunlight. Another simple update lies under your feet where a solid new-look anchor rug can transform a room from the bottom up.

Decorate confidently, and to your tastes. After all, it’s your space.

Jerome Rackers

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