If you’re a classic film nut like I am, have you ever noticed how great some of the legendary actresses from that era look onscreen and in publicity stills? They had a little known and powerful trick in their arsenal that made them look so amazing under a variety of conditions, a great cameraman who knew how to light them properly. Great lighting and an understanding of how to use it, can enhance the look of (and in some cases conceal the flaws), of a room. Lighting is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle when finishing a space, a properly placed table or floor lamp can set the tone, day or night. It can also be practical and beautiful like a work of art. My favorite quick fix is an inexpensive can lamp for the floor. It can provide just the right amount of drama and mood, especially at night. If you’re unsure what to do about lighting, consult an expert for help. And, don’t forget about dimmers and great switch plates for either new or existing lighting. They can make a big difference for very little labor and cost!   Keep Lifestyles Furniture in Columbia, Missouri, in mind for all of your furniture needs. We carry a wide selection of sofas, tables, chairs, bedroom and dining room sets and home accessories.