So you’ve found a beautiful new couch from Lifestyles. Today is the day, Mike is coming at noon to deliver your new beauty. You’re practically shaking with excitement- you’ve wanted a new couch for so long! There’s a knock at the door, you squeal inside. Twenty minutes later, there’s a new couch in your home just waiting to be snuggled on. Small problem- what are you going to do with your old couch? Let Lifestyles take your old couch away and donate it to Love, Inc. Love, Inc. is a program that redistributes items to those in need including: refugees, disaster victims, people transitioning from shelters and halfway houses, and young adults coming out of foster care. Sofas donated to Love, Inc. go to The Love Seat Resale store to be sold at reduced rates to support Love, Inc. or given away to individuals in need. The Love Seat Resale store employs elderly and disabled persons who are transitioning back into the work force, as well as ex-offenders seeking job experience to return to community life. In 2012, 1249 pieces of furniture were donated to Love, Inc. Help us spread the love by donating your sofa. For more information, visit Keep Lifestyles Furniture in Columbia, Missouri, in mind for all of your furniture needs. We carry a wide selection of sofas, tables, chairs, bedroom and dining room sets and home accessories.