It’s mid-January and winter is in full swing. Winter is not the easiest season, but we’ve got a few hacks to make the season of snow a little easier. Morning Dry Throat Hack: Buy a humidifier. They’re small, relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. In addition to waking up without a dry throat, humidifiers help keep skin, lips and eyes from drying out. Heat loss from Windows Hack: If duct-taping your home scares you, try this hack- use bubble wrap. Spray the edges of the window with water and stick the flat side of the bubble wrap to it. The bubble wrap will insulate your home for months and help reduce your energy bill. Shoveling Snow Hack: Before you begin shoveling, spray your shovel with cooking spray, vegetable oil or paraffin wax. The oil will help the shovel to glide into the snow easier. Weird but it works! Soaked Shoes Hack: Use newspaper. Crumple up a few sheets and put them in your shoes. The newspaper will soak up the extra moisture without shrinking your shoes (like what can happen when you put them near the fire place). Icy Windshields Hack: If the news is predicting ice, mix ¾ white vinegar with ¼ water in a spray bottle. Spray liberally on your windows and windshield and finish by wiping down with a rag. Wake up to ice-free windows or ice that is easily wiped away.   Keep Lifestyles Furniture in Columbia, Missouri, in mind for all of your furniture needs. We carry a wide selection of sofas, tables, chairs, bedroom and dining room sets and home accessories.